We’re Moving! … Kind of!

I’m excited to say that after months of work we’re finally almost ready to move to new hosting provider! You shouldn’t notice too much of a difference. Theoretically.

Why move? The content I want to bring you doesn’t fit on the current provider. Too many blackbox rules, as it were.

When: Now! Or more readily, in the next few weeks. Aiming to complete the switch by about November 31st.

Who Cares? So rude! Just kidding. I care, immensely. I haven’t been able to add much in the way of content for over 4 months as I’ve fought against the limitations of the current system. No more! And you should care! I realize that this is not the most usable site. I can do better, but I need more freedom. Have to get out of this black (or slightly grey)-colored box.

No but seriously, why should I care? Okay okay - because the site might go down unexpectedly. I’ve never handed off a live site between providers before, so something might break. If the site does break (and you read this before it did) head to squarespace.guzhengalive.com to see a backup of the old version.