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Blogs and Projects

Here are some wonderful websites that add something extra. As English guzheng sources are sparse we’ll have to learn from our brother, the qin.

A delightfully personal project sharing the experiences of one community member in Chinese and English! Topics include perspectives on nails, books, teaching sources, and more. It’s exciting to see where the author is heading in 2019!

Image from BeyondTheZheng.

A recent addition to the landscape! The work of this author gets excitingly technical. If you’d rather go all in on the qin (we won’t hold it against you) their Guqin Resources page has some astounding, truly incredible resources.

Image from Guqin Reflections.

An absolute must - the creation of a carbon fiber qin. Important note: If you desire to create your own carbon fiber composite please take the time to learn how to handle its ingredients safely. That is a material that should be attempted only with proper safety equipment and handling knowledge.

Image from Swann Jie.

A thorough look at the work that goes into creating a qin. Explore and enjoy!

Image from LittleOldQinMaker.

The original zither research website making master. His presence encouraged me to take on this massive undertaking, and his scholarship helped me find some information I would not have otherwise encountered.

Image from SilkQin.