Special Thanks

It takes a lot of people to make something like this happen. Below are just some of the people who have helped make this what it is by providing sources, translation help, granting access to instruments, discussions, brainstorming, encouragement, critiques, and granting permission to reuse their work. Thank you!

Dr. M. Han of Tennessee

Dr. R. Harris of London, UK

D. S. Zhuo

Dr. D. Ferguson of New York

D. Badagnani of Ohio

Dr. M.S. of Florida

Yu X. of Shanghai, China

A. Butler of Texas

C. Chang of California

S. Yang of Massachusetts

C. Chan of Massachusetts

E. Teo of Massachusetts

E. Donkor of Washington

Rebecca L. of Washington

J. Guerci of Washington

D. Tang of Washington

Zhao B. of Washington

A. Yan of Washington

The University of Washington, in particular the School of Music and the Suzzallo and Allen libraries

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, in particular the helpful library staff

Florida State University and the helpful library staff

... and the many readers who have sent in questions. It's a highlight of my day to receive a new letter. Your diversity of questions and expertise continue to astound me. Keep those emails coming!