Historic Sitemap

(Obsolete as of February 2019)


  • Blog and Projects - Blogs and personal projects devoted to the guzheng and guqin from enthusiasts and experts around the world.

  • Experts - Bios of some of the experts whose work have made this project possible.

  • Ensembles - A map of community and professional groups around North America.

  • Forum - a link to the guzheng forum run by Carol Chang.

  • Performers - brief blurbs on guzheng performers with a public presence in the United States.

  • Retailers - a map of retailers in North America.

  • Special Thanks (May 2018) - Recognition for the many people who have contributed to make this project possible.

  • Teachers (August 2018) - a map of teachers in North America with active websites.


  • Buying Used Guzheng (February 2019) - How to price used guzheng, what issues to look for.

  • Care and Maintenance (July 2018) - basic rundown on how to take care of and clean your guzheng.

  • Cost of Ownership (August 2018) - estimates for costs you'll pay buying, learning, and maintaining a guzheng.

  • Digitizing Scores - a guide for how you can use free tools to make digital copies of old sheet music, and get better-quality results then just photo-copying them.

  • Finger Techniques - a first attempt at recording the many, many ways a string can be struck or a pitch changed.

  • Tuning Guzheng (May 2018) - bridge placement and intended pitch for the common keys on 16, 18, 21, and 23-stringed guzheng.

  • Tuning 16, 18, 23, and 26-String Guzheng - Split off from Tuning Guzheng, December 2018.

  • Tuning Butterfly and Multitonic Guzheng (January 2019) - Guzheng Tuning guide for Butterfly and Multitonic instruments.

  • Key Changes (May 2018) - an explanation of common keys in guzheng music and instructions on how to change between them.

  • Shipping Guzheng (November 2018) - Guide to preparing your guzheng for the mail and costs to expect.


  • Guzheng in 90 Seconds - a fast look at facts about the instrument

  • The Guzheng Story - a long form description of the the instrument and its place in history.

  • Timelines - a plot of the major events in the history of the guzheng with pictures of the people who accomplished them.


  • Guzheng Varieties - photographs and discussions of different types of guzheng. Discusses older instruments and newer innovations.

  • Other Zithers - photographs and discussions of other long zithers in Asia that are often confused for guzheng.


  • How It’s Made - A general explanation of how guzheng are built. This does not contain enough information to build your own.

  • Import Issues, CITES - A discussion of import issues and wood species protected status that guzheng owners should be aware of. Separated from Wood Selection in December 2018.

  • Wood Drying - An explanation of how and why the wood used to produce guzheng is dried.

  • Wood Selection - Information about the different types of woods used to make guzheng, their common names, and their Latin names.


  • Cypher Notation (September 2018) - an introduction to 简谱(Jiǎnpǔ), cypher notation.

  • Examples - a few examples of guzheng music.

  • Repertoire (Expanded October 2018) - a list of song titles you might encounter, their rough translations, and their difficulty.

  • Sheet Music Sources (December 2018) - how to go about finding sheet music.

  • Virtual Instruments (February 2019) - a quick list of kontakt libraries / virtual guzheng instruments.

Parts and Accessories

  • Nail Materials (December 2018) - a quick run down on the different materials one can find when looking for nails.

  • Nail Material Identification (December 2018) - Nondestructive tests to distinguish between man made guzheng nails and turtle shell guzheng nails.

  • Nail Shapes (November 2018) - an introduction to the different shapes and sizes of guzheng nails and how to pick between them.

  • Parts and Terms - Lists and diagrams of the names of all the different parts of the guzheng.

  • Strings (May 2018) - A discussion of different string materials used throughout history and tables of string diameter from wire and nylon instruments.

Reviews (July 2018)

 Product reviews for guidance when purchasing tuners, finger tape, etc.


  • Guzheng Alive - a summary of how and why this site came to be.

  • Contact - How you can get in touch.

  • Change Log- Summary of changes over time. Started December 2018.

  • Project Reach (September 2018) - a way to share the scope of this project.

  • Research Tools - a listing of tools and techniques that I have found necessary and useful. Most are free.

  • Sitemap - (December 2018) This page.


  • Bibliography - A listing of all sources I have cited so far.

  • Descriptions - Brief summaries of the works I reference the most. Also a discussion of Copyright and Fair Use.

  • Further Reading - Sources I have not read that may be of interest to visitors.

  • Glossary (November 2018) - list of guzheng-related terms and names.

  • List of Figures - List of the sources for all imagery and diagrams that I did not produce myself.

  • Minor Mentions - A catalog of how non-academic sources describe the guzheng. The sever lack of accessible information is what led me to create this site.