Change Log

(Updated September 2019)

Guzheng Alive is a living project. Sections are modified frequently with new sections added every month based on information availability, community requests, and author interest. Feel free to request topics! My biggest hurdle, currently, is how to showcase all of this information. The most challenging topic to present is the actual music. It is difficult to make it appealing without being overwhelming. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Dream List

  • Examples and explanations of Accessories

  • Level tests and the grading system (early discussion on Repertoire page)

  • Guzheng history outside of mainland China (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.)

  • China Music 2018 (after October 2018)

Even Dreamier

  • Finger Technique sequence diagrams

  • Building one's own

  • Custom tunings in certain songs

  • Brands of Guzheng

  • Video interviews, personal stories

  • Guzheng in popular culture


September 2019

  • Behind the scenes work for future updates. (I promise these will be visible!! Eventually!)

August 2019

  • Behind the scenes work for future updates.

July 2019

  • Updated Project Reach with 6 month update.

  • New Page: “String Tension” added.

  • Behind the scenes work for future updates.

  • Impact of tension on timbre added to “Tuning 21”

June 2019

  • Behind the scenes work for future updates.

  • New Page: “How to Build Keys”.

May 2019

  • Simplified the manual tuning method instructions on the How to Tune page, added chart.

  • Behind the scenes work for future updates.

  • Added current hard case prices and sellers to “Cost of Ownership”

  • Updated sheet music templates

  • Created templates for jianpu/cypher notation, available on “ Write Sheet Music”.

  • Split information about working with sheet music into two pages. “Digitizing Sheet Music” focuses on using scanners and software to improve existing copies. “Write Sheet Music” contains links to software and templates for hand-writing music in cypher notation. Moved “Digitizing” to “References” and “Write Sheet Music” to “How To”.

  • Updated text on “Legal Issues”

  • Updated links to books on “Sheet Music Sources”.

  • New Page: New Album Releases

April 2019

  • Added characters to “Mother Tunes and Music Theory”

  • Changed navigation to “References” from “Sources”

  • Minor text updates in “Cost of Ownership”

  • New Page: Mother Tunes and Music Theory

  • Updated text on “Tune 21 String” and “Change Keys”

  • Updated text on “Guzheng Schools and Styles”

  • New page: What is a Guzheng School?

  • New Page: Guzheng Schools and Styles

March 2019

  • Updated text on “Pick Material” page.

  • Added imagery to “Sheet Music Sources”, “How to Read Sheet Music”, and “Pick Material” pages.

  • Fixed bug where clicking on the folder links in the top nav sometimes led to an error page.

  • “Techniques” updated with symbols / notation, new categories, and ~50 more techniques.

  • Made tables on “Glossary”, “Woods Used”, and “Repertoire” mobile-friendly(er).

  • Added bridge movement diagrams to “How To Change Keys”.

  • Added “Tune Diatonic”.

  • Added Diagrams to “Tuning 21 String”, reorganized page.

  • Added several teachers to “Teachers” map. Applied color legend.

  • Added standard bridge heights to “How to Make”.

  • Added table of Keys to “Change Keys”.

  • Updated language on “Change Keys”, added key of B and fixed missing sharp in key of E.

February 2019

  • Added Tuning and setup video from SOC to “Tune 21 String”.

  • Added suggestion to shift bridges left to “Tune 21 String”.

  • Maps adjusted to function better on mobile devices, including “Stores”, “Bands”, and “Teachers”.

  • Added map to “Project Reach”

  • Added "Burn It” to “Identify Turtle Shell”.

  • Added “Buy New” page.

  • Added additional entry to “Virtual instruments”.

  • Rearranged and condensed content in “Woods Used”.

  • Site restructured to verb-based navigation. Pages renamed.

  • Added “Buying Used Guzheng”.

  • Added “Virtual Instruments and Sound Libraries”.

  • Search added to “Glossary” table.

  • Added direct links to English-Language books on the “Sheet Music” page.

  • Updated styles on tables.

  • Added search capabilities to tables on “Woods Used” and “Repertoire”.

  • Added 40+ songs to “Repertoire”.

January 2019

  • Added Review of “Sound of China Guzheng Basic Tutorial”.

  • Added review of “Teaching Foreigners to play Guzheng”.

  • Added three new Reviews: a wired tuner/metronome and two finger tapes.

  • Updated “Project Reach” with latest numbers. 7 new countries!

  • Added titles of English-language books to “Sheet Music” page.

  • Reorganized and renamed “Woods Used” page to improve readability.

  • Updated links to plant and genus listings due to moving to

  • Added Representative H1 headers to most pages.

  • Fixed bug preventing map of Guzheng Teachers from displaying.

  • Updated “Sheet Music Sources” with “People” section, reduced text.

  • Updated text of “Cost of Ownership” to reduce wordiness and remove excessive line breaks.

  • Updated Stand section of “Cost of Ownership” thanks to community feedback.

  • Updated Airline Travel section of “Shipping Guzheng” thanks to community feedback.

  • Added “Tuning Butterfly and Multitonic Guzheng”.

  • Updated intro to “Finger Techniques”.

  • Found and fixed bug preventing informational blinds from expanding. First affected visitors in late December.

  • “Teachers” expanded to cover Europe and Australia.

  • Site-wide SEO changes to take advantage of SS’s December update.

  • Switched “Ensembles”, “Retailers”, and “Teachers” to new maps due to Google Fusion Table’s planned shutdown.

  • Added link to full list of teachers maintained by to “Teachers” page.

December 2018

  • “Fun with Names” added to “Guzheng in 90 Seconds”.

  • Text updates to “Guzheng Story”.

  • “Blogs and Projects” added, “List of Figures” and “Home” updated.

  • 'Jump To' sectional navigation added to "Care and Maintenance", "Cost of Ownership", "Finger Techniques", "Key Changes", "Shipping Guzheng", "How to Tune", "The Guzheng Story", "Timelines", "Guzheng Varieties", "Other Zithers", "How it's Made", "Import Issues, CITES", "Wood Drying", "Wood Selection", "Cypher Notation", "Sheet Music Score", "Nail Materials", "Nail Shapes", "Nail Material Identification", "Parts and Terms", "Strings", "Guzheng Alive", "Research Tools", "Bibliography", "Descriptions", "Further Reading", "Minor Mentions", "Review"

  • Stylistic Changes to various header image attributions.

  • “Sheet Music Sources” added.

  • “Nail Material Identification” added.

  • Added Discord server to “Home” and “Contact”.

  • “Project Reach” 2018-totals through mid December added.

  • “List of Figures” text updated, museum archive information moved to “Descriptions”

  • Shipping Guzheng” text updated.

  • Site-wide imagery audit and compression finished.

  • “Tuning 16, 18, 23, and 26-String Guzheng” split off from “Tuning Guzheng”.

  • “Development” split into “Change Log” and “Sitemap”.

  • “Strings” text update.

  • “Import Issues, CITES” broken off from “Wood Selection”, text updated.

  • “Cost of Ownership” nail section rolled into “Nail Materials”.

  • “Figures” updated with identifiers, GZA-produced images added.

  • “Nail Materials” header image added.

  • “Guzheng Varieties” layout adjusted.

  • Site-wide imagery audit and compression started.

  • “Home” image, text update.

  • Various pages restructured for mobile viewing.

  • “3D Model” direct link added.

  • “Nail Materials” added.

  • “Bibliography” updated.

  • “Parts and Accessories” category added, pages rearranged.

  • “Luthiery” category added, pages rearranged.

November 2018

  • “Nail Shapes” added.

  • “Shipping” added.

  • “Glossary” added.

  • “Research Tools” updated.

October 2018

  • “Repertoire” expanded by 200 songs.

September 2018

  • “Cypher Notation” added.

  • “Project reach” added.

August 2018

  • “Cost of Ownership” added.

  • “Teachers” added.

July 2018

  • “Care and Maintenance” added.

  • “Reviews” added.

June 2018

Changes not tracked.

May 2018

  • “Special Thanks” added.

  • “How to Tune” added.

  • “Key Changes” added.

  • “Strings” added.

November 2017-April 2018

Changes not tracked.

October 2017

Site launch, starting with pages on history, instrument examples, parts, and other pages.