Guzheng Teachers Around the World

Here is a map of guzheng teachers or teaching organizations who have active websites worldwide. There are many more teachers who don't have websites; ask around in your community to find teachers close to you. Please send in an email if you have updated information or teachers to add. Locations on the map are not exact for the sake of teacher privacy. Visit their websites for more information. Visit ChineseZither.net’s List of Teachers for even more teachers and direct contact information.

I haven’t added teachers in most Asian countries because…. my goodness tat would be a long list. I’m happy to! But it will be teacher by teacher.

Rationale for only including teachers with websites: Respects teacher privacy, minimizes time required to maintain the list, and decreases the chance of showing outdated/incorrect information.

Bonus Map: Teachers Around the World

Visualization of data from ChineseZither.net’s List of Teachers. Visit their site to get contact information.