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Leukotape is a fabric tape with latex adhesive that can be used to tape guzheng nails onto fingers. It comes in wide rolls that enable you to cut strips to whatever width you want. It stays rigid and firm for about 6 applications, after which nails move more and more. The latex adhesive can be a problem. It stays o your finger and on the fabric side of the tape, creating sticky spots that interfere with yáo zhǐ (摇指). Leukotape is an option for people who don't like the width of conventional guzheng tape, but more advanced users may be frustrated by the excessive stickiness and loss of rigor as the tape stretches. $10 for ~ 65 weeks of single-session daily practice. Rolls are 15 yards of 1.5in-width tape. 

Feature Breakdown

Leukotape was originally designed for physical therapists and sports medicine professionals to add support and apply corrective pressure to different parts of the body. As such it is tremendously strong, somewhat flexible, and adheres well at first. The branding company, BSN Medical, produces a family of products, however this specific tape, Leukotape P, is no longer advertised.

My teacher recommended it to me over generic guzheng nail tape or other narrower rolls of medical tape. She suggested it could be reused more times than other tapes and was therefore a cheaper option. Whether or not it actually is depends on your usage pattern and preferences.

Compared to generic guzheng tape Leukotape is far stickier. Individual pieces can be used for a full week of daily practices. It seemed to last longer than the generic tape I compared it to. Leukotape can be reused upwards of ten times, but after about 6 uses it starts to stretch. By the end of a week of use, my nails shift around  my fingers when I play. This makes precise movements difficult and decreases the clarity of my techniques.

Leukotape typically comes in a width of 1.5 inches and lengths of 15 yards (3.8cm x 13.7m). Individual strips must be cut to size. Cutting the strips took time I often forgot to set aside. I found 3-0.5" strips at 4" lengths felt about right. Strips ended up with different widths, often with frayed edges that spread adhesive around my fingers. The adhesive can be difficult to clean off both nails and fingers.

A $10 roll lasts ~65 weeks, or one year and 2.5 months. I've been using the tape for over a year and still have a good deal left. That 65 week estimate comes from: Six fingers, lengths of 4", applied once daily for 1 hour every day, 7 days a week.

In Summary: It's certainly an option but comes with some downsides.


No critiques as Leukoptape was not intended for use by guzheng players.


Brand: BSN Medical

Model: Leukotape P



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